I really want to play with you out in the yard.

You wont have to worry about where you Step when you play in the yard if you call PAWS.

Dog Poop Scooping Service Rates

P.A.W.S. is a MI owned business and not a franchise; thus we are able to charge very low rates because we do not have to cover a high franchise fee.

  • We are licensed, insured & have been servicing pet owners since 2002.
  • We service year-round and do not charge more for the winter service.
  • No contract is ever required; only a service agreement allowing us to come onto your property. The agreement is cancellable at any time.
  • No minimum service period required.

Regular Back Yard Prices (check out our special promo prices) $9.50 Per Week 1 Dog $12.00 Per Week 2 Dogs $13.25 Per Week 3 Dogs $15.50 Per Week 4 – 5 Dogs

These prices are based on average size backyards. Additional charges apply for front/side yards and larger properties.

Special Quoted Services:

  • Common areas of apartment and condo community’s, associations, golf courses, dog parks, veterinary offices will receive special promotional prices that are quoted individually.
  • Goose poop quoted individually.

Special Promo Prices:

  • Friendly neighbor special: We run great specials for same neighborhood clientele. Tell your neighbors about our service and we will work out a special community pricing level for you and the others. To receive these discounts, you simply need to be within the same neighborhood.
  • Seniors No Slip Zone – Icy Season Pooper Scooper Special. Our icy Michigan winter can be a challenge to scoop for those who worry of slip fall accidents. We scoop so they don’t have to take the risk of falling on ice out in the back yard.
  • Grade A rewards – Reward your students A with a week of P.A.W.S. scooping away their chore.
  • Time to Recover Gift – Temporary service gift while person recovering from surgery/illness. This gift eases their worry that their favorite furry friend is still being provided for.
  • Free Winter Cleaning with weekly service agreement.

Winter and Spring “Pile-Up” Prices (Winter/Spring clean up) $45 – $55. – 1 Dog $65. – $75. – 2 Dogs $75. – $90. – 3 Dogs $85. – $110. – 4 Dogs

How do I pay?

Most clients prepay although this is not a requirement.We do bill monthly on the 15th with payment due by the 25th of that month.

Snow note: On rare occasions snow may postpone service temporarily, but dogs keep doing their thing all year long, and so do our pooper scoopers.

Call P.A.W.S., the best professional dog poop removal service in Michigan. We are happy to provide you with a free quote.

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