Common Questions

We want you to be able to spend quality time with them. Let PAWS scoop their poop.

We want you to be able to spend quality time with your dog. Let PAWS scoop their poop.

How can I get the lowest price possible?We run great specials for same neighborhood clientele. Tell your neighbors about our service and we will work out a special community pricing level for you and your neighbors. To receive these discounts, you simply need to be within the same neighborhood.

What do we do in the winter? Yes, we scoop dog poop in the winter and all year round. Michigan has a high freeze thaw frequency. Scooping in the winter will prevent your dog’s paws from bringing it into your home as well as out of the snow man your kids want to build. Please do note, we offer seniors a special NO SLIP Zone package so they don’t risk slip and fall accidents during the icy season.

  • We do scoop your dogs poop all year round.
  • On rare occasions snow may postpone service temporarily, but dogs keep doing their thing all year long, and so do our pooper scoopers.

That’s not just mud you are wiping off their paws.

Professional Animal Waste Service

I smell it, roll in it, walk in it and will even eat it. If you don't want me to, call PAWS.

Sniff, dig and roll. Along with the rainy seasons come lots of interesting new smells that entice your dogs to sniff, dig and roll. If your scooping gets behind, chances are they are stepping in their doody and dragging it into your home.

Did you know? Rats and other vermin are attracted to yards with accumulated dog waste.

Do I have to be home when you service? No, you do not have to be home when we service your yard. However be sure your gate is unlocked and accessible before you leave.

Will you pick up our dog waste if our pets are in the yard? We are ‘dog people’ and enjoy seeing our friendly furry friends. However, some dogs are very territorial thus our preference is the dog is kept indoors for their safety as well as ours. We can accommodate special situations so please do feel free to discuss your needs with us.

Do you require a contract? No, we do not require a service contract. We do require a service agreement that grants us permission to be on your property. You may cancel the service agreement at any time.

How much do you charge for this service? Average weekly rates are between $9.50 and $12.Rates vary depending on yard size and the amount of dogs. Please see the Rates tab.

How long does it take to clean a yard? Some small yards or dog runs can be cleaned in just a few minutes. A first-time or one-time cleanup in a yard that hasn’t been cleaned for many weeks could take an hour or two depending on the number of dogs you have and the type of dog food you feed.

How does the type of food we feed our pets impact the amount of stool? Higher quality dog foods are easier to digest, achieving more optimal absorption of nutrients into their system. The lower quality brands contain more fillers which are not absorbed into their system thus creating more brown piles in your yard.

Is there a minimum service period required? No, there is not a minimum service period. We provide service how ever often you need it, from one time to all year around.

Are you a franchise? No. We do not have to pay a high franchise fee which is how we are able to offer such low prices. We are a Michigan based company with local employees. We circulate all profits right back into your community.

How do I pay? Most clients prepay although this is not a requirement.We do bill monthly on the 15th with payment due by the 25th of that month. You may pay us online or mail a payment directly.

Are you in our service area? We service many areas within Macomb, Oakland, St.Clair and Wayne Counties of Michigan. Although ever expanding, the following list indicates many of the cities for which we have regular routes. If your city is not listed, please do call. Chances are we do service your area.

  • Armada
  • Birmingham
  • Bruce Township
  • The Bloomfield’s
  • Center Line
  • Chesterfield
  • Clinton Township
  • Eastpointe
  • Fraser
  • Harrison Township
  • Grosse Pointe
  • Lenox
  • Macomb
  • Marine City
  • Marysville
  • Memphis
  • Mount Clemens
  • New Baltimore
  • New Haven
  • Ray
  • Richmond
  • Rochester
  • Rochester Hills
  • Romeo
  • Roseville
  • Saint Clair Shores
  • Shelby
  • Sinclair
  • Sterling Heights
  • Troy
  • Utica
  • Warren
  • Washington Township

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