Winter Paws

The dog wants a ride too
Does your dog like to play in the snow with the kids?

Dogs may like the snow…their paws may not. Here are a few easy tips as well as products that may help make make the winter months more enjoyable. (Please note; we do not sell these products nor do we receive any commission from mentioning them in this blog. Intent is strictly info sharing. In fact, if you have additional ideas; we would love for you to share them with us as well). The first to mention: Safe Paw ice melter.

Snow typically means that the city will be spreading salt onto the roads and people will be buying it to spread on their driveways and sidewalks. Salt exposure can cause dog’s severe dermatitis, swelling of the paws and major issues with the stomach. The stomach issues can include vomiting and internal burns in the mouth and digestive tract.

Snow can be so much fun.

The problem lies in the salt products are spread onto the surface of the snow and when dogs are outside they can eat or lick the snow or the salt products can stick to their fur and when they re-enter the home they can lick it off causing the stomach issues. Salt can discolor sidewalks, damage lawns, and contaminate water from an underground well. When tracked inside it can damage rugs and wood floors. Per articles we read and the manufacturers website (see Safe Paw is an ice melter, which is safe for children and pets and will not corrode or stain asphalt, concrete, decks or wooden flooring. It will not damage or kill plants and shrubs. Safe Paw lasts longer than cheaper brands and works at very low temperatures. If you put Safe Paw down before it snows, it will prevent ice from forming on the sidewalk, deck or driveway and should work for up to three days.

They say it is sold online, in specialty stores, groceries and many major stores. Safe Paw strongly urges you to read competitor brands warning and health and safety labels that they still contain threatening chemicals and that theirs do not. The benefits that are listed include:

      • Guaranteed safe for pets and children
      • Environmentally safe
      • Won’t harm decking of any kind
      • Safe on asphalt, concrete, and pavers
      • Safe on plants and shrubs
      • Proprietary traction agent (helps prevent slips and falls)
      • Won’t stain or destroy flooring

Another interesting product is “Mushers Secret”.

I want to know the Mushers Secret!
Please tell me the Mushers Secret!

While you may buy deicers that are safe for your dog, the city and your neighbors may not. Which means,protection is still needed for when you take your dog on walks. While Dog boots serve a great purpose, most dogs don’t like them. Mushers Secret is akin to an “invisible boot” made from natural wax(see Articles that review the natural wax say the wax prevents ice ballsand lasts for at least several walks.

Dog booties do serve as a great method of protecing their paws too.

It may take a little time for your pooch to adjust to their wear, but a little time, patience and encouraging with treats will probably do the trick. Quite honestly too; I am hoping you will send me the cute video clips of your dog doing the funny high step walk they commonly do as they are learning to adjust. I would love to post those to our site. (We are new to blogging and are creating a Facebook Page called “My Dogs Back Yard” that we would love for you to share ideas, comments, and pictures of anything that you think would be of interest to other dog owners).


Upon my research, other tips that I thought useful (Gained from massive amounts of online reading from HSUS, ASPCA, MI Humane Society, AKC.Org,,,,,,,,, and many more).

  • Keep Your Dog’s Nails Trimmed: Long nails make your dog’s toes spread which allow more room for snow and ice build up between toes. Also impacts weight distribution pushing weight more to the back of the feet which means less traction and opening door to being more likely to slip and get injured.
  • Trimming Fur between the toe pads leave less means for slushy snow to stick to dog fur.

The AKC has additional special care tips for Canines: Click here

Dena Stapleton, The Pet Advocacy Examiner also focuses in on Pet Care. Click here to learn more.

We do want to know what tips you have as well. Please do respond here, to our facebook page “My Dogs Back Yard” and or email me directly. We do not sell product. We do sell service; ScoopDogPoop.Com and we do have specials for the Icy Season. Seniors especially, if the icy season worry’s you, please call us.

We will take care of your yard so that you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling while picking up your dog’s poop. While seeing the snowman your grand kids built for you in your yard; imagine how much prettier it would be without having dog poop rolled up into it.

Call PAWS – 1(586)749-YARD (9273)

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